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About Heco Productions

Heco Productions works with cultural projects of artistic and educational formation in the fields of cinema, television, publications and exhibitions, always focused on the promotion of independent Brazilian cinema. Founded in 1995 by Eugenio Puppo, the company has organized more than 20 exhibitions and retrospectives, including cycles of lectures and publication of books and catalogs..

Aimed at the execution of projects conceived and developed inside the company, Heco has already produced documentaries, short fiction films and TV shows. Most of its employees integrate a new generation of writers, directors, researchers and consultants from various regions of Brazil.


In addition, Heco has a large collection of rare images, documents and films and is responsible for the conservation and distribution of Ozualdo Candeias' collection. It organizes annually the Gostoso Film Festival, with screenings of contemporary Brazilian films in the city of São Miguel do Gostoso, Rio Grande do Norte.