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Heco Productions acquired the patrimonial rights of more than 50 Brazilian films, including Cinema Marginal's movies and some produced at Boca do Lixo, directed by names such as Carlos Reichenbach, José Mojica Marins, Jean Garret, Ody Fraga, Jairo Ferreira, John Doo, Alfredo Sternheim, among others.


Besides that, Heco has an exclusive permission to manage and market the Candeias Estate, which includes Ozualdo R. Candeias’ filmography. Candeias died in 2007, aged 89 years-old, and left an important oeuvre consisting of 35 films, 15 telefilms and a photography collection.


Director: José Mojica Marins

Heco Productions works for the advancement of Brazilian cinema.

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