The Gostoso Film Festival happens annually in São Miguel do Gostoso, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, always in November. The festival screens around 60 films in a five-day period, divided into three programs: Competition, Panorama and Children's Films. Roundtables with filmmakers and professional seminars are also held during the festival. The main stage of the Gostoso Film Festival is an outdoors screening room built in Maceió Beach, where the Competition program takes place. Over 2000 people attend the event every night.

The audience has the opportunity to watch the most recent productions of Brazilian cinema. These films compete for the Critic's Prize and the Luís da Câmara Cascudo Trophy, awarded by popular acclaim. All activities are free of charge.

Creator: Eugenio Puppo

Direction and curatorship: Matheus Sundfeld, Eugenio Puppo

Execution: Heco Produções and Coletivo de Direitos Humanos, Ecologia, Cultura e Cidadania (CDHEC)


Months before the opening of the festival, we offer technical and artistic courses for the youth in São Miguel do Gostoso. Since 2013, 37 workshops have been conducted and 15 short films have been shot. All films produced in the workshops were screened in the Gostoso Film Festival as well as in other festivals around the country. The workshops convey theoretical and practical contents, such as audiovisual language, screenwriting, photography and art direction. The "Nós do Audiovisual" collective is a result of these courses. It was created by the students themselves in order to facilitate an autonomous production workflow. This initiative aims at the professionalization of the film workforce in Rio Grande do Norte.

See below a description of all films produced by the Nós do Audiovisual collective:

A Wolf's Great Love

2018, documentary, 12 min

While searching for true love, a young dreamer turns his own reality into a movie.

Carta Branca

2019, ficção, 9 min

Na pequena cidade onde vive, as memórias do passado percorrem a mente e as ações de Ian.

A Fish's Son

2018, documentary, 13 min

The son of a fish can also be a fish, or whatever he wants to.

Gostoso Coin

2017, documentary, 13 min

São Miguel do Gostoso is one of the few municipalities in Brazil to have its own currency. However, the residents are not yet fully adapted to the novelty.


2015, fiction, 11 min

Three ˜almost hunters˜ got into the woods with the mission of capturing an armadillo to satisfy Dona Liquinha. However, they made a big mistake: they did not bring Florzinha the rope tobbacco.

Searching for Sun

2015, fiction, 15 min

The arrival of a new boy causes a stir in the calm São Miguel do Gostoso and deepens the dilemmas of adolescence faced by the sisters Sophia and Manu.

The Storyteller

2013, fiction, 15 min

Free interpretation of the history of the foundation of the municipality of São Miguel do Gostoso - RN.

Ando me Perguntando

2019, ficção, 11 min

No campo de cultivo ou no campo de futebol, Fabiano precisará encontrar sua própria essência.

O Grande Amor de um Lobo

2018, documentário, 12 min

Na busca pelo verdadeiro amor um jovem sonhador faz da sua realidade o seu próprio filme.

The Final One

2018, fiction, 15 min

Mr. Luiz sails across the ocean of his memories, letting his reminiscences speak louder than reality.

The Two Sides of Garbage

2017, documentary,12 min

The Two Sides of Garbage deals with an unresolved issue in the municipality of São Miguel do Gostoso: what to do with the tons of garbage produced daily by the population?

The Father of the Night

2015, fiction, 7 min

Four teenagers get lost in the woods led by a phony wizard who conjures up an evil ghost to predict the result of a game.


2014, documentary, 16 min

Documentary about the Milestone of the Discovery of Brazil, left on the coast of Rio Grande do Norte. According to the former residents, that's where the country was first discovered.


2019, documentário, 7 min

Um grupo de mulheres do litoral potiguar luta para que a arte da tecelagem do labirinto não seja esquecida. Em meio a muitas adversidades elas tecem o fio de suas próprias histórias.

Time Automaton

2018, fiction, 11 min

Among the fractures where reality lies, lives Renner. He’s a time traveler trying to join the pieces of his own story.

Fear is a Thicket

2018, documentary, 7 min

: In the dead of night in São Miguel do Gostoso, fear and mystery make their home under a cashew tree.

The Great Ó

2017, fiction, 10 min

Nicolas and Ozório receive the announcement of a new game they would never have the money to buy. They decide to build a plan to steal it from a shop in São Miguel do Gostoso.

The Boy and the Mysterious Box

2015, fiction, 10 min

Luiz would certainly spend his entire life playing with his friends if it were not for the arrival of a mysterious box. The box attracts everyone's attention and now the neighborhood is in trouble.

Between Canvasses

2014, fiction, 11 min

The reality of Chico, a boy whose life divides between his school obligations and his work in a street market to help his family.

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