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1ª edição: CCBB — DF e RJ (2009)

2ª edição: Cinemateca Brasileira (2012-2013)

Mostra de filmes que reuniu, pela primeira vez, obras do período compreendido entre 1936 e 2009 em torno do gênero horror – em geral pouco analisado por críticos e historiadores do cinema brasileiro, mas incontestavelmente de grande apelo popular. Filmes em sua maioria raros, que traçam um amplo panorama do horror no Brasil. Foram exibidos 61 filmes no total, e confeccionadas 36 cópias novas em película 35mm para a segunda edição. O filme O Maníaco do Parque (2011) de Alex Prado, foi finalizado especialmente para a mostra.

Live / Work Spaces

By providing permanent, affordable live/work spaces, The QUAD will give working artists from the South Shore, Greater Boston Area and beyond a place where they can create, collaborate, communicate and dramatically enhance the community. Through the increased interaction and exposure with the community, the artists are personally afforded greater business and economic opportunities while attracting consumers and enhancing tourism. The presence of artists will greatly increase the quality of the surrounding area, representing many cultures and backgrounds, attracting new business and creating increased opportunities for the city of Quincy.

Community Outreach

Quincy is an extremely diverse city, and QUAD wants to showcase the abundance of cultural arts that represent its citizens. To this end, QUAD will partner with cultural centers and community programs to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty that make up the Quincy citizenry. Understanding the importance of cross-generational communications, we will connect with schools and youth programs to offer unparalleled opportunities for education and expression.

Workshops & Seminars

Education is a core element of The QUAD, both through the expression of art and the means by which that art is born. We are committed to empowering the community with the techniques and confidence to express personal emotion, journey and culture through art. In our instructional space, we will:

  • Conduct youth, adult and senior educational opportunities across all disciplines
  • Host resident and visiting artists’ performances and creative symposiums
  • Provide for cross-generational arts celebrations and mixers
  • Organize local arts and culture association forums
  • Advertise and accommodate curated vendor fairs

Gallery & Event Spaces

Sourcing from QUAD residents, local communities and external networks, The QUAD will regularly showcase artwork in its multiple curated and professionally operated galleries. We will feature a broad spectrum of styles and forms, from traditional to contemporary. The galleries will also be available as event rental venues, providing additional opportunities for increased exposure and revenue.

Retail Opportunity

The QUAD complex offers a unique opportunity for arts-focused retailers to become a sustaining partner within a focused community as well as a key contributor to the growth of the arts and cultural movements of the constituency at-large. Preference will be to retailers who offer discounts, incentives, educational experiences and charitable outreach to artists and their supporters. We believe this facet of the initiative to be systemically invaluable to its sustainability and growth.

Idealização: Carlos Primati

Produção executiva e curadoria: Eugenio Puppo

Coordenação de produção (1ª edição): Marcelo Colaiacovo

Coordenação de produção (2ª edição): Matheus Sundfeld